Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adventures in Tsai-land! the Taiwan edition...

Our apartment that we are renting in Taipei! Jeff looked into places a while back and found the jewel of a place. It is REALLY spacious for the city, and totally efficient, which I love :)
The living, dinning, entry, kitchen space, with lots of room for Chase to play around.
From a different angle... classy ;)

down the hall to the bedrooms and two full bathrooms!

Sun Yat-sen Memorial, we just walked by, but it was a really impressive structure (decorated with bunnies for the New Year) :)

Large Rabbit climbs the tallest building in Taipei! hehe

Just in case we didn't know where the tallest building in Taipei was, there was a street sign ;) ... doesn't it look like a big stack of Chinese take-out boxes? hehe!

Mom with a cool row of trees... we both stood there looking at them thinking the same thing, when mom said "why don't you take a picture of me with that cool tree?" ... I wanted to take a photo, but was thinking 'it needs something'... and this was it! my mom :)

Taipei 101 mall, with VERY high end retailers... the mall is build in and around around the building's gigantic supports, and is extreamly classy. Every where you look there are decorations for the New Year, yay for Year of the Rabbit! :)
Mom at the 88th floor of Taipei 101... with a cool architectural detail
My father in law pointing out parts of the city to my Dad (in his NY Yankees baseball cap of course!) and Mom
Sunet over the city from Taipei 101

that's all for now! FYI this is being posted at 10:30am in Taiwan and 8:30pm in the midwest :)

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Very cool, Melissa. Looking forward to more! How long are you there?