Friday, February 4, 2011

Night Market!

On Friday night Jeff and I made it out to the night market... one of the only times so far that I have had time away from the kids. It is pretty difficult to leave Ami when I don't have any milk for her, nor time to pump any from our hectic schedule. Anyway, here is a little glimpse of our few hour excursion to the night market.

Strawberries and other things (?) on a stick covered in a glaze of sugar! I got a strawberry one, and it was pretty yummy... the strawberries were kind of soft from their dip in hot sugar, but it was a fun treat... one of the only that I wanted to try at the night market :)
Red lanterns on the side of the path... pretty cool
A pan out view of the lanterns, the people, and the signs on the walking street.
yum... Frog eggs! ... although, I showed this picture to my Mother in law today and she said that it is actually NOT real frog eggs, it is the bubble tea 'bubbles' that look similar to frog eggs... that makes sense, since there were about 5 of these stands that I saw during our walk, and I was really confused thinking that frog eggs were popular here.
Silly English translations that don't make much sense ;)... My chic chocolate rocks your taste! Oh yeah!
The mass of people, scooters, cars and signage at the night market... and this is even at a time when the city is not very full because of the Holiday!
Jeff and I had no idea what this thing was until the next day when we could ask Mrs. Tsai... it is called 'bitter melon' and since that night we have actually eaten it on multiple occasions and it is not as bitter as its name suggests. :) kind of looks like a weird kind of corn to me ;)
Taking the Metro back to the apartment, you could see the Night Market from the tracks of the subway :)
The train was coming in and fireworks were going off on the skyline over the market... pretty cool to be in Taiwan for New Years
Looking down the 'infinity' metro on the way back from the night market... multiple people were staring at the white girl taking photos of the metro and staring down the train to see what I was so fascinated about.

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