Sunday, February 27, 2011

The National Palace Museum

Wow, I am totally falling behind! Jet lag really hit us last week with the kids and their sleeping (or NOT sleeping) habits. With that, Jeff starting his first week of work at Deloitte, vacation laundry on top of the normal things, and trying to slim down my photos from the trip and be choosy about what I am going to post up here, and the kids constantly needing me because they just feel 'off'.... it has been a bit of a challenge to find the rhythm of life again. I want to post so many things, but I am just falling so behind that it will now be a short synopsis... here goes:

The day after returning from the southern part of Taiwan (February 9th), Mr. Tsai had to fly back to mainland China to return to work. This was taken shortly before he left for the airport, at the apartment in Taipei.
February 10th we went to the International Flora Expo (covered in THIS post)
February 11th (Friday) we ventured out to the Taipei National Palace Museum. Brief history: when the Nationalists were fleeing communist China, they took a few things with them to Taiwan, gold, priceless art and professors. The art in this museum is that collection of works.

Since Jeff was still recovering from his bout of food poisoning, the first thing we did when we got there was stop into the cafe and get something to eat for Jeff... and then, of course, my dad, mom and I could not resist getting some of the yummy things on the menu....

My 'snack' of hot cocoa and a chocolate raspberry cake... on a side note, you wouldn't believe how much I missed chocolate while I was there! It was as if just the sheer fact that they did not have much chocolate to be offered MADE me want to eat more chocolate... does that make sense? Good thing I brought 3 bars of Lindt dark chocolate with me ;) and I couldn't find chocolate croissants my entire trip, which made me sad. I miss Nagano Bakery in Tokyo, they had the BEST chocolate croissants!

My mom got Oolong tea, which she had never tried before, and Creme Brulee French Toast... YUM! We decided to split our treats so we could try them both :)
And Jeff had sparkling water and a ham and cheese sandwich... which to my dismay he consumed the WHOLE thing while I wasn't looking (I was distracted by the yummy treats, after all)... after more than 24 hours of only having water and a small piece of banana, his stomach hurt again from being TOO full, but he was alright and we finally made it into the museum!
Cameras were not allowed in the museum (I really did enjoy the freedom of taking photos of all the art I liked in China last March)... so here are QUITE a few photos of Jeff outside the National Palace Museum... with the very Asian-touristy 'peace' sign
Taiwan was celebrating '100' everywhere, because they were celebrating the Republic of China's 100 years.
Compared to Jeff I look much less enthusiastic... but trust me, I was the one soaking up all that was inside that building while Jeff took a nap on a bench :)

Mom got a photo of the two of us... one of the few on the trip.
And here is mom and dad outside the Museum... you could find dad a mile away in his blue Dodgers Jacket and NY Yankees hat... it was actually a nice little 'beacon' while going around the city :)
Mom by the male guardian lion to the Museum
and here I am by the female guardian lion (notice the cub under her paw? Thanks Asian Art History, you came in handy on this trip ;) )


Anonymous said...

Really looks like you guys had a nice trip! I've enjoyed reading the updates.

Rachel Smith said...

I miss Nagano on a regular basis ... :). Your trip brings back memories of our time in Tokyo. So sweet ...