Monday, January 10, 2011

New things

Jan 10 -
Chase has started to try to say Gwan-ma instead of Gama :( I have started calling Grandma Gama just so he doesn't stop saying it :)

He has started trying to say Okie-dokie and it comes out more like dokie-dokie :)... i have to get a video!
Ami is just about rolling over, and would if she didn't psyche herself out when she is just about to. She just needs to get over that balance point on her side and she would do it.

Ami also has started inch worming across the blanket on her tummy, and all the while smushing her face into the floor. She has only gotten about 6 -8 inches this way, but geez, she is moving already! Chase started inch worming on his back at 5 months, and I think Ami will be pretty much right at his speed :)

Ami plays with her feet all the time these days, and just has the most joyful disposition (for the most part). She definitely gets mad when I am not around to comfort her, and then likes to 'tell me about it' when I actually do try to console her, ha! She loves, LOVES to be played with, and surprisingly likes to be just a little bit scared while playing 'Boo!' She has a belly laugh that is so deep that it sometimes sounds like she is crying, and dimples so deep that she charms just about everyone she smiles at.

Chase has had a great time playing with and getting to know his cousins over the Holidays... but I can tell he really misses his friends in Pittsburgh. He has randomly talked about Boo Kitty, Au-bie (Aubrie), Yid-eah (Lydia), and Ms. Rachel in his frequent monologues to himself.
Ami is loving her grandparents, but getting used to me comforting her all the time from all the travel... she is really a mama's girl. :) She recently met her 'Aunt' Michele, whom she is partially named after (middle name). Michele just adores Ami, and Ami pretty much LOVED being held by Michele :) ... it was really cute.

That's all for now... there is so much going on, but to sit down and write it all out would take a lot of time which I don't have right now. I will try to get some down every day so that I don't fall as far behind as I have done lately!

My end-of-the-year resolution which will continue into this next year is to blog/journal as much as possible; to write down and look back on eventful things in the year... and so I don't forget these little things that bring me joy :)

Happy 1-11-11 to everyone out there!

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Sarah Keith said...

MISS YOU! Ami is gorgeous! Chase is adorable! PGH is not the same without you all!!!