Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nap time today with Chase:

Chase wanted to brush his teeth, I said ok since I thought it is fine to delay a bit for a good habit... then after reading a book and getting tucked in, he looks up to me and said 'Thank Jesus.'

This is the first time he has initiated praying before bedtime (we usually do prayers before nighttime and meals, not nap time) :)

So I start our prayers as usual and then asked him, what would you like to thank Jesus for?
He said "Volcano," with a smile.
So I thanked Jesus for volcanoes, and asked if there was anything else he would like to thank Jesus for...
"T-Rex!" He said with another smile :)
So we thanked Jesus for T-Rexes, and I asked again if there was anything else he would like to thank Jesus for...
and he said "mmm....Dinosaurs." Nodding his head.
So we thanked Jesus for all the wonderful Dinosaurs he created that are so interesting to learn about. And then I asked again, if he would like to thank Jesus for anything else...

"umm.... Books" pointing to the Curious George book we had just read.
Thats my boy! Loving the books :) So we thanked Jesus for fun books to read, and all the words and letters and pictures inside that make books what they are. And as we closed the prayer he said a very tired, but very emphatic sounding, 'Amen!'
I stroked his hair and sang the song I have been singing to him since he was born, and we blew kisses at each other until I turned the corner and couldn't see him anymore.

My heart is so full with love for my boy :)


Unknown said...

What a sweet, sweet boy.

MPk said...

I cannot believe you finally cut his hair! He looks so grown up. I hardly recognized him without the locks! He is so cute always! Mel, I love you! Thinking about you often!

Rachel Smith said...

Love this, love you. What song do you sing? :)