Monday, April 25, 2011

8 months have come and gone...

The last few months have flown by in a whirl wind! Ami's 6th, 7th and 8th month birthdays have come and gone without me posting anything about it. It makes me a bit sad. I got photos from month 6 and 7, but only have a few days left of month 8 to get an 'official' photo before it is too late. It just always seems like the days I actually get her dressed up I either can't find my camera or she poops up her back or we have to go to the new house to meet up with workmen and I can't sit down for a photo shoot.... ahh well, so goes life. Forgive me baby girl if you feel slighted when you are older for not having an 8th month photo taken on time.

Happy Easter/8months baby girl!
Here you are at the new house, jumping in your little activity center... not as fun as the Johnny Jumper at Grandma's house, but still a fun way to contain you! :) hehe
This month we celebrated cousin Samuel's 4th birthday... in his own words on that day: "I'm four now, I know things." :) We played at the park, and then went back to their house to hang out, have pizza, little smokey's sausages and ice cream cake... as per request by the birthday boy :)
Here the boys are, making footprints in the sandbox.

My uncle Larry and his family came down to help us on the house. Larry and my cousin Hunter (the giant in the kid house) worked on building us a 'deck' in the garage to give us a better entrance into the house. Katy helped a TON by watching Chase and Ami... and I am pretty sure they both think she is their best friend now. :)
Here they are with my new-to-us garage sale find! Perfect for the new back yard and the upcoming years of having little kids playing in our yard :). I am looking forward to finding some great garage sale finds for the new house! YAY!
Chase's vocabulary is growing every day! He somehow picked up 'butt' at some point in the past few weeks and loves to say it and giggle... not sure if my explanation that it means the same thing as his bottom has sunk in. He also says 'Dvdv' for a DVD :). It is pretty cute. 'Mountain' for fountain and a ton of other things that I just can't recall right now.

Ami has only been crawling for a week but she is totally making it around the house now! She made a complete lap around the family room, behind chairs and everything, and around the kitchen table once in about a half hour this afternoon... now this is with tons of exploration and playing with things she finds along the way, so she is really starting to move now... and finding the outlets, YIKES!

Ami is getting more and more interactive and just LOVES to play little games. Pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo and any type of made up little thing that gives her attention :)
Here is one that she started initiating a few weeks ago...
Password: Chase1

Ami'a silly laugh from Mel Tsai on Vimeo.

Ami has started doing this silly cough/laugh to get attention... and will keep playing this silly game continuously!

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