Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Mother's Day/Christmas to Me!

Yes, Yes... I know it is October... but back around mother's day, I came across a super cool website (which I can't seem to find anymore, otherwise I would post the link) and saw these cool business cards for moms. 'Cause when you are at the playground and meet another mom that you want to connect with, there is just never time to write down someone's info (if you even have a pen and paper!). I sent it along to Jeff in the hopes he would 'gift' it to me ;)... and then totally forgot about it with everything that has been going on this past year. So last week, Jeff whipped these out as an early Christmas present/belated Mother's Day gift for me :) YAY!
Speaking of some things that I would love to have as gifts, because I wouldn't buy them for myself and I would be afraid I would never use them :( are:
A sewing dress form... something about having a dress form in a room just seems COOL... sigh.

Cool boots
(Although I never know what I would wear with them :( )

Things I would love to have as gifts for the kids:
Handmade wooden teethers, rattles and toys... so beautifully made!
Baby TEETHING TOYS WOODEN moon and stars Ohio Maple Wood Block Teether
TEETHING BABY SAFE Dinosaur NATURAL ORGANIC Teething Free Play Maple Wood Pretend Baby Toddler Teether Toy Block Set
RATTLE ORGANIC The Handle Wooden Maple Waldorf Style Wood Rattle Teether TM for infant baby toddler

And, of course, these cute things
(the leggings, not the baby... I've got one of those already!):
Just some things I drool over ;)

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Sarah said...

Those business cards are brilliant! I'm going to tell all of my mom-friends about them.