Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 1 Month (and a week!) Birthday Ami :)

So my baby girl is now a month old! (Technically, as I am writing this she is one month, one week and 20 or so hours old.) Last week was super hectic so I never got around to writing anything down... I am trying to get better at this blogging thing, because I STINK at journaling, and seem to be better at recording our lives this way :)

She is becoming so smiley! She has been smiling since she was three days old, but would only smile about once a day, if that. Now, every time she is awake and not fussy, she is trying out various facial positions.... some of the faces she makes are really funny, I just wish I could have a camera in my retina to capture what I am seeing! Because she really never seems to want to smile when I ACTUALLY have the camera!

We went to the doc for our 1 month check up last Friday, and baby girl is looking great! :) She weighted in at a WHOPPING 7lbs 14oz... I guess I just create gigantic children ;) Some of my friends and family have birthed children at that weight, not waited a month for them to get to that weight! ;)

The past two nights Ami has slept about 6 1/2 hours at night (from 10:30pm-5am) and it has been WONDERFUL. Good job baby doll! You seriously got your sleeping skills/needs from your Mama (before kids, of course!). She seems to really be growing and getting bigger every day. Her legs are starting to loose the newborn fetal 'scrunch,' and straightening out when she is awake. Her eyes were trying to track me around the kitchen yesterday :). And her arms and legs are starting to really get some chunk on them ... at least as chunky as a tiny peanut of a girl can get. :) love love love her so much!

Happy one month birthday :)

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