Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's up Doc?

Speaking of doctors - kind of - this past summer we learned that Chase was allergic to Cashews. Eeek! Scary to have to deal with, and it wasn't even that serious on the 'reaction' scale!

The doc prescribed an Eppi (sp?) pen for me to carry around in case his allergic reaction would ever get more severe, and wrote me a script to get Chase's blood taken and tested for other nut allergies.... I don't know HOW he thinks I am going to get an almost 2 year old to sit and get his blood drawn, but he was as insistent as I have ever seen him to get him tested. I guess it really would cut our worrying in half if we knew exactly what to avoid and/or the various levels of allergy to each type of nut. I wonder if Ami will have any types of food allergies?

The last two weekends have been jam-packed full of fun :) I really love doing these things, it is just such a bummer that I get so exhausted from all of it :( Last weekend we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to scope it out as a potential Birthday party site for Chase and Asher's shared Birthdays. (Asher is the oldest child of our friends the Keiths, Asher and Chase were both born on Sept 26th, 2008!) But it was all a bit much, especially for kiddos that really don't even stay on the rides for more than 2 seconds. I think it was more for the Dads that liked the concept (and playing the games) than the kids. We did a joint birthday party last year for the boys at a park (cowboy themed), but the day was rainy and cold :( it was the first day like that last year, it was just a bummer that it was on the boy's birthday! I would love to just have it at a park again, but am afraid that the weather might turn on us again :(

Also last weekend we went to our first baseball game(s) as a family of four! Let me explain... We went on Sunday with our good friends Rachel and Brendan Kelly, and then, because it was a Holiday and the Pirates were having another afternoon game on Monday, we called up our good friends the Keiths and got them to go to another game with us. I must say, we got the BEST seats for toddlers on Sunday and then got the same ones again on Monday. After the game we walked around the river (a bit too much walking for me :( I still haven't worked out too much since Ami's birth, and really am out of shape!), saw an old Military Ship from D-day... so amazing. Walked through Heinz Field, which was open for the BBQ festival or some such thing, and came home to collapse!
Tuesday was laundry, recovering, and Jeff's late class day.
Wednesday was Bible Study day.
Thursday was Ami's check up and Chase's nut allergy consultation day... and that afternoon we headed off to another adventure!

Jeff and Micah (Keith) took Friday off of work, and we all went to the Laurel Highlands for the Highland Games (Scottish Festival). Friday we spent at a great local park, with bricked walking/biking trails, lakes and paddle boat rentals. We walked/biked around, ate lunch there and went back to the hotel for the kiddos to take their naps. That night we ate at Texas Roadhouse - a staple from my college days! - It was a bit of heaven to have those warm rolls and sweet butter again :)

Saturday was the actual festival, and it was pretty interesting, there were more people there than I expected, but less to do (I guess I was expecting more of a 'Renaissance Fair' type of a thing). They had huge guys in kilts throwing hammers, and a caber toss - although we missed the caber toss :( Most of the Scottish breeds of dogs were present, with doggie activities and agility courses. There was Highland dancing, which looked similar to Irish Dance, but using arms also. It was just nice to get outside, walk around in the beautiful weather and hang out with some great friends! (Brendan was actually able to meet us out there and hang out with all of us too! YAY!)
On another note, I started cloth diapering the kiddos again. This is week three, although we 'cheated' with disposables for our weekend away... it seems to be going well though. When I have Chase in cloth he really seems to pay more attention to when he has to 'go' and will sometimes tell me. He has told me three times in the last two days that he has had to 'peepees.' Two of those times he was totally naked, but I guess it was good that he told me before he went in the hallway! I just stuck him in the tub for those times, and then rinsed him off. Maybe he just likes standing up versus the sit-down potty method? We shall see :)

Silly boy, he wanted to wear Ami's new Columbia Jacket (size 6months!) and he fit in it! He also needed to keep it on while playing with bubbles, water and ice ;) silly silly kiddo.

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