Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorite Expressions by Chase:

"Day go, Mama!" = there you go, Mama!
"Uh Oh Me!" = Chase is doing something that is 'uh oh'
"Mon! Mon!" = Come on, follow me!
"Duk!" = Stuck or Truck or Duck... depending on the context
"Oh....My!" = He looks at his mess and exclaims it ;)
"Ase, Ase" while patting his chest = Chase saying his name because he wants something (he kind of put it together with the word 'please' in sign language), now used mostly when he wants to hold Ami :)
"Doo!" = Two, anything more than one is two in his mind... a flock of birds is 'Doo!' and a pair of shoes is 'Doo shoos!'
"Ai Ni" = 'Wo Ai Ni' which means 'I love you' in Chinese

Chase, you are so loving and kind... I can tell even though you are just a toddler. You love your little sister, even though you sometimes want to drive trucks on her head, or sit on her while she is in her bouncy seat.
I love how your hair makes one big curl at the back, while the rest of your hair just goes wild :)
I love how active you are, even though it makes me tired to chase after you. You are so coordinated and agile, I rarely have to worry about you falling or getting into scrapes. I really need to put you into some type of sport or tumbling! I love how you can kick or throw a ball with surprising accuracy. I love how chill you are with sharing toys (for the most part!), or having them taken from you. A calm spirit is a virtue! I understand when you get frustrated sometimes, because you can't do things that Mama can - balancing toys, rolling play-doh into balls, working the tv correctly. I hope I can help teach you patience :)
I love you, you will always be my buddy, my little man, my Chase-boy :)

Password: Chase1

Chase and his Trains from Mel Tsai on Vimeo.

A snippet into our afternoon... Trains, trucks, and conversation with Mama. :)

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