Friday, October 22, 2010

Three birthdays and a wedding!

Over the last two weeks we have had lots of traveling, celebrated some Birthdays (belated and not) and a wedding!

Two weeks ago, on October 8th, my baby girl turned 2 months old! I can't believe that she has already been in this world for two and a half months! She still feels so new to me... even though I also feel like I have had her forever in my life :) I just love her so much, and it is such a treat when she looks at me and gives a huge smile and tries so, SOOO hard to talk to me :)
My parents and my Grandmother (Nana) came out to visit us for a quick trip. My Nana had lived in Pittsburgh with my Papa and aunts for quite a few years and so we drove by and visited their old house. At some point after they moved away, the owner put up a railing on the front porch and down the front stairs, but other than that, it looked pretty much the same from the outside. Nana said it was nice to see it so well taken care of... that someone else loves that house as much as she did. :)
Here are 4 generations of Titus'/Tsai's/Price's sitting in our living room in Pittsburgh... possibly for the last time they might visit us while we live here :( . Nana (age 80), my Dad (58), me (29), Chase (2) and Ami (2 months).
My parents and Nana helped me fly back to Chicago with the kiddos (I don't know how else I would have done it!) for my friend Hillary's wedding. I had responded 'yes, I will come!' to the wedding invite before I even knew how I was going to get there with two kids in tow! HA! I just knew I wanted to be there to support my good friend from High School :)
Here is a photo of Hillary, my mom and I at Hill's wedding. I don't know her husband all that well, but it seems like he is a really great guy...I am so happy for her!
I must say though... it was kind of a mad scramble trying to find an outfit for me to wear! Two months post baby does NOT let you fit into former pre-baby dresses! Luckily my mom went with me and we spend a whole day shopping and found a skirt and top for me to wear that was actually flattering to my post-baby shape! :) YAY, THANKS MOM!

Oct. 17, my hubby finally turned my age! (I am already dreading the time when I will be 30 before he will be, it just feels weird to me for some reason... must be all those preconceived social notions of having an older husband ;) !)

We celebrated at my parents house, since we were there that weekend for the wedding. We also celebrated for Chase, since my parents we not able to make it out for his actual birthday. We got an Ice Cream Cake from Coldstone (they have actual cake in the cake, unlike DQ), and celebrated after a dinner of Portillo's... Jeff's place of choice ;)

Here is a photo of Jeff, Ami and me at the wedding... all dressed up and looking nice ;)


Sarah Keith said...

Ami looks BEYOND BEYOND BEYOND cute in that dress. She is so so so sweet. And you look beautiful at the wedding. Love you!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

All great pictures, Melissa. That house was so neat. Somewhere there are pics of your Mom, me, Sara and Susan for Susan and Sara's wedding standing on that big porch in long pink dresses!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

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