Wednesday, September 2, 2009


With Kim and Ryan! :)

It was such a blast to be able to hang out with such wonderful friends again. The week’s menu was a bit labor intensive, but made us all drool with anticipation when we sat down with tired feet (from standing in the kitchen for the previous hour+). Jeff and Ryan, aka Masters of the Grill, made ribs, whole chicken on a beer can and some other meat-ful delights that, since I did not partake in, I have since forgotten. But the roasted veggies, crunchy peanut noodle salad and cowboy salsa still haunt my dreams (Kim, I want that recipe by the way!).

I should have taken photos of our meals :( I missed another photo opportunity. *sniff*

‘Uncle’ Ryan and ‘Aunt’ Kim are Chase’s new favorite playmates. He complained for quite a few days after returning home that he was NOT getting the attention that his Aunt and Uncle had bestowed on him all week!

Even though the rain kept us indoors for two of the days at the Bergman’s Family lake house, we had some fun times on the Pontoon boat,

watching the waves go by,
playing games,
watching pig races
(yes, PIG races!),
looking at fun stuff with Mama,
and liberally snapping photos of the Chase-boy!
Vacation was so much fun, but sometimes it just makes me sad that I don't live closer to our wonderful friends... *sigh*
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