Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pushing my Buttons!

So, an annoying thing happened the other day, and it is messing around with my photo organization! And if you know me, you know that although I am a slob compared to my family, I really like certain things to be organized… pretty much anything that has to do with my creativity needs to be exactly where I put it and in the order I want it to go. Not normal by any stretch of the imagination for an artist, I know, but everything else can pretty much be organized in a less strict manner.

Back to the point, a little over a week ago, on our vacation with Kim and Ryan to the Bergman Family’s amazing lake house, my camera had reached photo # DSCN9999. And a few things happened:

1 – It rolled over and started counting photos at 0001 again.

2 – I was a little shocked that I had actually reached over 10,000 (THOUSAND!) photos! SERIOUSLY!?!? Woah! I must take a lot of photos! *grin*

3 – It totally messed up my organization of my photos, since I ‘Sort’ all my photos by name. It was putting mid August photos in front of early August photos! How dare it! RAR :/

4 – This fluke in number change has now forced me to organize my file folder (Pictures> Baby Photos of Chase> 2009> 08-August) by ‘Date Taken.’ It feels SO WEIRD!

5 – All my videos have organized themselves at the ‘top’ of my folder since they do not capture a ‘Date Taken’ in their Properties.

It totally throws me for a loop every time I want to download more photos of Chase into 2009 August. Seriously, I can’t wait until September! And that is not JUST for Chase’s 1st birthday, but because my photo folder can be organized correctly again! YAY!

Am I a nut case or what?!? If you think yes, I totally blame my labelmaker wielding mother ;)

Photo #9999
Photo #0001
Photo#0002 ;)
Ok, I think I am done with my needless ranting now :)

Next up: A blog about our Vacation with Kim and Ryan, these photos were just a teaser! *grin*
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