Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chase Is Growing Up *sniff*

So the other day I realize just how big and how grown up Chase is getting lately.
Compare: Chase in October 2008
To: Chase in August 2009
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I also sat down one day after Chase was born, and typed into Google Calendar Chase's age every 2 weeks (when he was little) then every 4 weeks. Chase is 45 weeks old now (from birth!).

It is strange to think that an average baby is born at 40 weeks (Chase was born at 39 weeks), and that Chase has now lived 45 weeks outside of me. He is a total of 84 weeks old now, since conseption. Weird to think he has just 'doubled' his age last month.

Last year I was 32 weeks pregnant, and I only had a week left of work. Strange to think it was ONLY last year, but it seems so far back sometimes.

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