Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my baby boy:
You sure are silly...
especially when you go for something as yummy as cake with cream cheese frosting
and then you cry because you got it on your face, and your hands are now sticky with it
you cry and cry (demand, is a better word) that Mama wipe it off, and PRONTO!
oh, but look, your buddy Asher (who shares your birthday), is calmly plugging away at decimating his little cake, can you watch and copy what he is doing?
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no, oh no... you won't touch it anymore... so Mama takes pity on you, you teary-eyed, pitiful, helpless thing, and feeds you your birthday cake a bite at a time
yeah... 'see!?!' you say... 'that's more like it, I can have my cake, and have you feed it to me too'
Silly quirky son of mine, I hope you had a wonderful first birthday!
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