Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy 3 Months baby Girl :)

Ami started off alright, but quickly got sad :( that is what I get for taking pics of her when she is already tired! hehe... at least she is super cute when she is crying too ;)
You found your hands about three weeks ago, and love to play, look and suck on them!
Your hair seems to get longer every day, and is especially cute when washed and all curly :)
It seems like you are getting teeth already!?! I don't know, but it looks like a ridge is starting, and it feels like one is too.... too soon baby girl, too soon! Stay a baby for as long as possible.

You have slept up to 10 hours in a night, and then promptly woke up every two hours a few nights later ;) But you average about 6 hours a night, thank you VERY much baby girl, you are so thoughtful to your Mama :)
You smile at anyone who will look at you and talk to you, but you are starting to figure out when people are not your Mama and give the fiercest cries and cartoon-like sad faces when you realize it.
You love Love LOVE getting a bath, and will stay in there for as long as I let you (just like your Mama :)), cooing and giggling and talking to me, playing with your hands and taking in everything around you.
You are pretty good at trying to track Chase when he runs by you, and when you are actually able to do it, you smile :)
I love that you smile at me with your whole body, that you want to snuggle in to me when you are tired, that you fall asleep on me when you nurse sometimes... I love being your Mama most of all, and can't wait to see what an amazing person you grow up to be... wait scratch that, stay a baby as long as possible, so I can treasure each moment I have with you for as long as possible.


Kelli said...

You're right, even while crying she is still so adorable! I love that outfit you have on her!

amanda + daniel said...

I love the little tutu! So stylish, just like her mama!