Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talyor 5 Year Reunion

Has it seriously been that long?!? or... has it ONLY been 5 years?!? I don't know which describes it better... but it seems weird that chapter of our lives is now being marked by '5 year' increments.
Here are two of my lovely roommates... who are two of my closest friends (sorry I never call you guys)
Here is a pic I just found from our college days! Sorry Shan, I can't find a digital one of you :( I guess I will have to scan all my negatives in one of these days (wasn't life before digital so, so... stone age?!?) But here is our other roomie Jen :) YAY JEN!
(oh my goodness! Do I actually have some color?? aka - days before the dermatologist)
Chase met up with Lucas, who is a month(?) younger and like 110th Percentile... ahh, Chase, you are destined to be tall someday, I just know it... at least taller than your Mama! :)
Of course, they both wouldn't look at the camera at the same time (ANY TIME) but they were super cute playing together among the college students who watched them like they were a rare species... which I guess you COULD consider babies a rarity on a campus ;)
Lucas' mom texting in the background, as she and I 'herd' the boys away from the non-baby-proofed bulletin boards where brightly colored tacks were conveniently placed at child level... thanks college students! ;)
I didn't get to take any other photos of the weekend, as I was busy running after our little guy... but it was fun to see old friends and professors :)
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Lindsey and Mark said...

So I just found your blog Mel! And these are great! Aww:)