Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Attempt at Blogging

So, lots of other moms out there are blogging, so I thought I might try my hand at this. I used to send out an almost monthly email update while I was in Japan, and that was neat to be able to track things I was doing and places I went. The unfortunate annalogy of blogging is that it is an online journal, and for everyone's information, I am absolutely horrible at keeping my journal up to date. So don't expect a lot from me.

Chase is six weeks old on Friday :) He is getting so big compared to when he was born, but when I see people holding him he still looks like a tiny peanut! He has started smiling recently, which actually has been going on since about week three, but which has not been consistant until this week. I have videos of him smiling, which is great :)

I have been asked how I like my role now as a mom, and honestly, I don't feel like anything has changed in me. Yes, I now have a small human relying on me for most everything, and yes, I have not been sleeping like I would choose (and sleep was just about one of my favorite things to do pre-pregnancy)... but truly, I feel like life as I know it is just how it should be.

Life is so much busier, even though it doesn't seem like I get much done. But I just love being home with our little boy, and seeing him learn and grow every day.

I think I need to take a nap today, I haven't taken one in over a week, and the lack of sleep is getting to me ... Here is a video :)

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